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Company Description

We are Aquila Center and we have been operating to become travel consultant on tour programs along with the beneficial post activities that we do such as Seminar, Bible Study and a lot more based on Christianity values in Europe and Indonesia for about 10 years. We believe in the importance of pilgrimage and God’s gospel in our lives which makes us decided to build our own company as travel consultant on 2016 and officially registered on 2019 as travel consultant in Den Haag, The Netherlands. We are gladly welcome the public on our pilgrimage programs and activities regardless of their origin, places and beliefs to experience the spiritual journey of our services.

History of Company

It was started on our personal pilgrimage journey to Israel in a small group of people on July 2010 that inspired us to build our own pilgrimage tour under Bethel International Church by Pastor Alex, the initiator of this company that has been known under the name of Aquila Tour.

For about 3 years, we notice that there are a lot of people who would love to experience our pilgrimage tour that we organized but unfortunately, many of them couldn’t afford the price that were given by the local tour operator in Netherlands. In 2014, we decided to open our own company as travel consultant that is still under Bethel International Church to provide clients with the most suitable travel based on their needs, wants and desire. The importance of pilgrimage tours is so crucial for us Christians in Europe that would love to see the Holy Land. Holy Land is not only talking about Israel but also Egypt, Jordan as well as Turkey and Greece (Apostle Paul’s Journey).

On 6th August 2019, we are officially registered as one of the company on Kamar van Koophandel (KVK) no. 75528029 located at Den Haag, The Netherlands. We brought a lot of groups to Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey with clients from all different places, nationality, beliefs and backgrounds. We did not limit our clients for church members or Christians only, in fact, we are gladly welcome the public on our pilgrimage tour and experience the spiritual journey by God’s loves as the outcome of the programs and activities.

Our company strengths are on our integrity, purpose and also quality that we offer to the public. We love to share the importance of pilgrimage tours in different way to introduce pilgrimage and God’s gospel and at the same time offering high quality products and services with as much as efficiency possible. We also believe in ‘Partnership for Global Impact’ as it is define as networking with as many people as possible from all groups of religion for the purpose of pilgrimage to the promised land and have the most unforgettable journey.

Company Products and Services

We offer exciting pilgrimage tour packages as such:

Holy Land Pilgrim Tour 3 Lands (Outside Europe)

With Egypt, Israel and Jordan as the destinations on this packages, this specific package was made and designed for our clients that come from outside of Europe. These three destinations are some of most popular Biblical sites among pilgrim tourists.

Holy Land 3 Lands

Similar like the previous package (Egypt, Israel, Jordan), this particular package comes with additional destination which is Wadi Rum located at Southern Jordan and bordered by Saudi Arabia which is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Center for its enchanting landscape. An unforgettable experience on a one night stay at Bedouin (Wadi Rum) to have the real life experience with its unique and beautiful night view.   

Holy Land Pilgrim Tour Israel

Holy Land Pilgrim Tour Israel is our most popular package that comes with 9 places around Israel which are Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Masada, Tiberias, Nazareth, Dead Sea, Jericho, Netanya and Tel Aviv. One interesting journey for Europeans is the one night stay at Bedouin and seeing the life of Bedouins as well as experiencing real life experience of the prophets in the Old Testament.

Holy Land Pilgrim Tour Palestine (Non-Christian)

Visiting Muslim’s pilgrimage sites such as The Grave of Abraham (Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron), Hebron, The Grave of Moses (Maqam El-Nabi Musa, Jericho), Jericho, The Temple Mount Haram Al-Sharif, Al-Aqsa the place when Abraham giving his only son, Isaac; and other pilgrimage sites. 

St. Paul’s Journey in Greece

Pilgrimage tour is not only consisting ‘Israel’ as the main destination but, St. Paul’s Journey to Greece brings a lot of history how St. Paul traveled on his missionary journey. This package consist of several destination such as Thessaloniki, Philippi, Berea, Meteora, Kalambaka, Delphi, Corinth, Acropolis and the capital city, Athens.

St. Paul’s Journey in Turkey

St. Paul’s Journey in Turkey become one of our favorite package that comes with destinations of Antiochia, Tarsus, Ephesus, Patmos, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Bursa and Istanbul. These destinations are some of the places that Paul the Apostle visited back in the first century to spread the words of God in Turkey.

Bible Tour 7 Churches

Our Bible Tour 7 Churches will give our clients the opportunity to explore these Biblical sites that were mentioned in the Book of Revelation. A great knowledge and understanding of Revelation book presented by His followers that are expert in their field. Furthermore on the beautiful scenery of cities such as Pamukale, Cappadocia and Istanbul are the destinations for our Bible Tour 7 Churches.

Marhaban Turkey (Public & Non-Christian)

With its various historical sites, Turkey as one of tourism hits has been quite famous around travelers. Our Marhaban Turkey package will provide our clients with places like Istanbul, Bursa, Kusadasi, Efesus, Konya and Cappadocia. This tour package is open for public and non-Christian as well to see the beautiful of Mosque such as Blue Mosque (Istanbul) and Grand Mosque (Bursa) and other sites in Turkey.

Europe Tour

Pilgrimage tour to some sites in Europe such as Lourdes France, a pilgrimage sites in Italy, Switzerland, German, The Netherlands, Belgium and so on. This package also come with type of the tour provided for the clients, Private Tour as well as Group Tour.

Purpose and Objective

“We are committed to support growth and development of client’s satisfaction outcome by providing excellent quality on products and services based on client’s needs, wants and desire to suit their preference as well as introduce pilgrimage and spiritual journey in exciting way.”

Mission Statement

“We provide excellent products and services based on Christianity values; tours and educational programs that ensure to meet and surpass client’s expectation and satisfaction that uphold transparency, honesty, quality and professionalism while still allow space for development and growth on both clients and company through our products and services.”

Vision Statement

“We will strive to become the leading company that committed to offer high quality products and services within efficient budget that surpass client’s expectation in Indonesia and Europe to introduce as well as to promote the importance of pilgrimage to all levels of society without leaving the value and focuses on churches and client’s spiritual growth such as mental healing, physical healing and personal experience with God.”

Core Values

Our Clients

We are customer focused in other words, you and your experience are our priority. We will offer you the memorable outcome of products and services in our trusted professional hands. We would like you to have growth in faith and spiritual purpose that deeply enriched your soul and body post-journey.

Our Employees

We ensure that our management is uphold professional and experienced team. One of our best strengths, we have our own prayer team that will constantly guiding us and our clients with prayer on every trip. We also offer our team a safe and educational place and at the same time allowing opportunities for each of the individual to grow along with our company.

Our Surroundings

We are aware of the environmental issues and acknowledge a responsible tourism in every activities of our products and services. Some of our consistent and persistent actions are to partnering with churches, giving back to our surroundings in the most useful way and strengthening our communities in God.

Management Team

Together our team believed in integrity and personal skills that we as individual have developed to build this company to offer the best and not less.

Dr. Alexander Papay Sarnieum and Asnat Esterlina Meroekh, S.Th

Dr. Alexander Papay Sarnieum
and Asnat Esterlina Meroekh, S.Th


Ps. Ida Pattinama

Ps. Ida Pattinama (Christian)

Spiritual Leader

Yvonne Marongka

Yvonne Marongka

Team Member

Ps. Yohanes Mau Asa, SVD

Ps. Yohanes Mau Asa, SVD (Catholic)

Spiritual Leader

Company Social Responsibility

Our company fully dedicated to helping God’s work in the best way possible. We believe in oriented to souls through missionary services. We have built our services in South Bengkulu (Indonesia), China (Shenzen) and several cities in Europe such as The Hague located at Indonesian Embassy (Netherlands) and Berlin located at Indonesian Embassy (German). These missionary services we provided through seminars and “Transformation of Human Character” coaching.

Our newest and most recent social responsibility is our missionary services in Ankara and Istanbul (Turkey). We also proudly conduct our services through social media such as Webminar and YouTube channel Aquila Rhema Bible & Worship. A part of our earnings were given to support those missionary services, a scholarship to student from Stichting World Vision Netherlands and other missionary journey to various places based on God’s will.

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